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Every successful brand is built on having a strong core foundation and marketing tactics that radiate brand-centric strategies. This we know. We also know that incredible things happen when we partner with businesses that embrace brand-thinking.

  • You deserve to have a team who is passionate about helping your business succeed.
  • You deserve professional brand strategists and creatives who are highly-skilled, go the extra mile or two, and deliver above expectations.
  • You deserve a team who knows how to leverage your investment into stronger returns.

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Our branding strategy (for you or your business) focuses on optimizing and enhancing the experience that people have when they interact with your organization. At, Agile Maze, we leverage our years of branding expertise and knowledge to help small and medium-sized businesses stand out from the crowd.
Creating a random logo, printing a few t-shirts, and circulating business cards is not the business branding objective at Agile Maze. We are committed to detail-oriented and need-specific branding that makes a meaningful and authentic difference to how your audience interprets your company. Our branding approach focuses on helping consumers see your organization as:
     ⦁ Trustworthy
     ⦁ Reliable
     ⦁ Stunning
It is not enough for your audience to be impressed by your branding. They need to be able to put their trust in it and feel included if you want to drive sales and expedite business growth. That is what we hope to offer you through the Agile Maze branding service. It will be our job to align your company’s:
      ⦁ Marketing
      ⦁ Messaging
      ⦁ Values
You can count on Agile Maze to knock your socks off!

Website & Application Design

Website & Application Design
Whether you are a public figure or the owner of a local business, you will appreciate how a website helps you establish credibility. At Agile Maze, it will be our job to websites that are:
      ⦁ visually appealing
      ⦁ highly responsive
      ⦁ easy to navigate
      ⦁ user-friendly
      ⦁ fast to load
Sometimes companies will insist on not revamping their website, even when the design is outdated and the backend framework compromises the quality of the website experience because they want to save a few bucks. With Agile Maze in the picture, you can leave it to us to design your website in a way that it delivers the results that you are looking for while guaranteeing maximum value for money.
We also design applications to be used by you, your team members, or your consumers. Agile Maze application design strives to balance:
      ⦁ Visual consistency
      ⦁ Functional consistency
      ⦁ External consistency
We want your application to look beautiful, work seamlessly, and be in line with what your other digital outlets have to offer.
We will work with you to understand what you are looking for and be there by your side from start to finish. Leave your application design to Agile Maze!

Media Coverage


Publishing in domestic or international journals can set the tone for your future public research or other written pieces that you want to share with the world. At Agile Maze we are committed to doing justice to your work by offering professional publishing services that will establish you as a credible and authentic voice in the industry.
The expert advice from our editorial staff and marketing team can help you:
      ⦁ Decide how to move forward
      ⦁ Provide useful insights if you are new to the realm of publishing
      ⦁ Get discovered by big names in the industry
      ⦁ Offer personal assistance with publishing concerns
Think of us as a business partner helping you with your publishing journey.
We also publish articles authored by others, which focuses on your work. Doing so will help you craft the way you want the public to see you and what they think about you. Agile Maze wants to give you the power to share the best part of yourself with the world by getting published through industry leaders such as ourselves.
Professionally Written Content
Looking for professional content writers who can write high-quality, factually correct, and engaging content about multiple niches? Agile Maze offers nothing less than the best! We offer:
      ⦁ Ghost writing
      ⦁ Scholarly articles
      ⦁ Children’s books
      ⦁ Technical documentation
Our writers possess what we like to call ‘nimble creativity’. They can emulate the tone and voice of their writing such that they are able to take on the role of multiple personalities. Plus, they know how to gain the trust of readers and establish authenticity. Your writing project is under the best hands when you decide to work with Agile Maze.
As a public relations and media coverage firm, all the work that we submit goes through several edits and reedits because:
      ⦁ We want our content to be perfect
      ⦁ We want it to meet the audience and purpose requirements
      ⦁ We understand the creative and intellectual inputs required
You can count on Agile Maze to offer high-quality and professionally written content.

Media Publications

Agile Maze has access to networks which can land you
      ⦁ Television interviews
      ⦁ Podcasts
      ⦁ Publishing outlets
All of which can improve exposure!
We understand that the world is quickly approaching an almost entirely digital stage, and we want to be ready to embrace it! Part of embracing this change is offering professional media publications!
Whether you have no idea where to get started with media publication or are looking to get a better sense of direction, Agile Maze can help you out. Having dabbled in the publication industry (both digital and print) we know firsthand how competitive it can get. We want your media publication content to grant you a unique selling point!
The digital landscape is always changing. New trends pop up and die just as soon, which is why Agile Maze makes a conscious effort to ride these waves before they die out. You will have peace of mind knowing that the media team at Agile Maze comprises of digital gurus who have years of experience with media publications. Leave it to us!

Established Partnerships

As the corporate sector and business world collide with digital media, we see how campaigns (advertising, marketing, personal, and promotional) are increasingly focused on being held online. One of the best benefits you can avail at Agile Maze, is our network of powerful connections that can do wonders for your campaign. We want to help you:
      ⦁ Take advantage of our established partnerships
      ⦁ Access new opportunities
      ⦁ Learn, grow and improve
      ⦁ Become a partner to help others
Plus, having established partners means that you are no longer alone in the race that you are running. You have our support to back you up! Agile Maze believes in creating a family instead of just striking business deals with our clients. We strive to create a collaborative culture that you can benefit from and become a part of!

Website Development & SEO Services

Are you looking for promising avenues to enter and conquer the digital landscape? Now is your time to shine online. Don’t be one of those online beginners who struggle with ranking their website on top of search engine result pages and let us help you in ranking high on search engines. Be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or Baidu, our on-page and off-page SEO experts have got the skills and experience needed to push your business or website to the top of the SERPs.
To rank high on SERPs, you need a solid website design with responsive performance. Don’t worry, we have got your back in this stage of digital transformation as well. We develop websites, optimize the websites, fix the speed issues, create and implement a result-driven SEO strategy so you can receive impeccable results.
      — We develop websites
      — Develop content for websites
      — Fix speed related issues related while loading
      — Fix the Onpage SEO issues
      — Create Dofollow SEO backlinks to push your website’s keywords high up in SERP rankings

Other Services

Are you planning to broaden your abilities and skillset to new horizons worldwide? Let us be a part of your enlightening and peerless journey by availing our top-notch EB1-A Visa Services. If you think you have got the extraordinary abilities, scientific research skills and detailed study affiliation needed to qualify for the EB1-A Visa, we are here to aid you through every step of the way. We have got years of experience and just the right skill set needed to turn your ideas and aspirations into reality. We offer:
      — Publish Article Written by Others About Your Work
      — Peer Review Activities
      — Original Contributions in Writing Scientific Scholarly Articles
      — Publish Scholarly Articles You’ve Written
      — Conduct Ghost Writing or Scholarly Articles
      — Publish Your Work in Major Media Outlets like Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, New York Times, Forbes and several hundreds

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There are TOO many people who think their products will sell themselves. They think, “if I just create something that’s GREAT, the rest of it will fall into place.


When you’re in business, it’s up to you to persuade people to buy what you’re selling.

And if you choose NOT to do it, you are the iceberg that will sink your ship.

Luckily,  Agile Maze is here to help. We understand it isn’t easy. That’s why we pair up all your projects with experts!

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